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Our Approach

At BTK Logistics, we challenge and like to be challenged continuously. We are driven to understand the business and logistics requirements of our customers and to deliver solutions that fulfill their needs. We believe there is always a way to do things better or more efficiently.

It’s really simple: when we add value - whether it be reducing cost, improving service levels, driving efficiencies, or creating more time for them to focus on the core areas of their business, it is a collective win for all parties.

  • Identify if there is a smarter and more cost effective solution

  • Look at overall business objectives to allow greater insight to cost and service considerations

  • Understand all supply chain tasks to identify improvement opportunities

  • Execute on what was promised

  • A detailed approach to transition and risk mitigation

  • Joint agreement on timelines and deliverables

  • Resources from both parties to meet project deliverables

  • A consultative approach at all stages of solution design

  • Agreement regarding operational profile, business requirements and key assumptions

  • Alignment of solution concepts to operations

  • Continuously review and improve

  • Measure performance against agreed deliverables

  • Partnership approach to review of results

  • Root cause analysis to identify variances

  • Frequent review of objectives to ensure operational alignment

At BTK Logistics, we are passionate about logistics. This is what we do.
Let us do it for you.

Contact us and learn how our team of experts can make a difference to your business.

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